Week One – Personal

To jumpstart my personal work back up, I’ve set a goal to make at least one photograph per day in March. Here is week one.

1_Rory Photography_Blog Head Options-32_Rory Photography_Ladybug In Bluebonnets-14_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-95_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-56_Rory Photography_Babysitting Gage-73_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-67_Rory Photography_Babysitting Kriskeys-118_Rory Photography_Gage + Sadie on Dolly-39_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-310_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-711_Rory Photography_Tornado Light-912_Rory Photography_Babysitting Gage-1

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