The Loeschers

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Loeschers. They were interested in family portraits to celebrate this monumental time for their family. Talk about a big year!

After multiple treatments, Frank finally beat the cancer that he had been fighting. He continues to be an advocate for other people suffering from this specific cancer found in Vietnam veterans due to Agent Orange. The way he looks at his family, you can feel his love for them. You can see that he was faced with the fear of losing them too soon, and that they are his pride and joy. Even though he’d been dealing with this very serious stress, he was hilarious and a blast to work with. A lot of those big smiles you will see below were caused by him.

Along with Frank, Claire was another comedic relief in the family. Her quick wit and willingness to play and laugh at herself made the process super fun. She is about to graduate from high school and preparing to move away for college to continue her pursuit in screenwriting. Along with screenwriting, she plays the clarinet and ukulele!

Kristie, a professor at UT, is clearly the rock of the family. Her strength appears to hold this family together. She works full time with hundreds of college students, volunteers at the local theater, makes time for Claire’s band performances, and I’m sure much more that we didn’t get to talk about! When she speaks about all of these things her face lights up, and you can tell that she really enjoys life.

The love that this family has for each other is apparent. And I love the idea of family portraits as a celebration of life, because that is exactly what it is about! Thank you so much for allowing me into your lives, Kristie, Frank, and Claire!

Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-1 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-2 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-3 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-4 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-5 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-6 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-7 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-8 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-9 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-10 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-11 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-12 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-13 Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-14

The only family that I’ve had a “blooper reel” for..

Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-15

Mama Bear sweeping away bugs for Claire.

Rory Photography_Loescher Family Portrait-16

E + G

These images hit close to home because in them are my niece and nephew (and their parents, of course)!  I’m so grateful that we captured their little lives and expressions from this very specific time period.  Shortly after this session Gage started walking (he could waddle a few steps at this point) and Sadie had a big growth spurt.  They change so fast!

We started this session out with some posed portraits which Gage obliged but was not loving.  We got what we needed from that and then just played around after that.  Lots of spinning, tickling, and laughing – those images turned out to be my favorites.  Love these monsters!

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-1

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-2

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-3

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-4

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-5

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-6

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-7

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-8

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-9

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-10

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-11

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-12

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-13

Rory Photography_Rystad Family 2015-14

Meghan’s Portrait

San Gabriel is one of my new favorite parks and Meghan is one of my new favorite people! Her down-to-earth energy made this session super fun – she was up for anything.

Earlier while scouting this location for our shoot, I saw this beautiful tree with a branch arching over a creek. I thought about how cool it would be to have her sitting on that branch, but it was kind of dirty and a little high so I decided that I wouldn’t even ask. While we were photographing in front of the tree, she asked, “What if I climb that tree?!” That’s when I knew this was going to be a good one..

The whole session was that way – relaxed, easy, and fun. Not to mention gorgeous.. This was one of my first sunset sessions out here in Georgetown (I’m a little behind on my blog posts) and I have to say I’ve fallen in love. In the photo world we call it the “magic hour” and out here it really is magical!

Thanks Meghan for being awesome! Enjoy..

Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-1  Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-2Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-3 Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-4Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-5Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-6Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-8Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-7Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-9Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-10 Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-11 Rory Photography_Meghan's Portrait-12

A Family Portrait in the Country

This photo session was really fun for me, because these are my neighbors. Carla and Jed, owners of Riata Builders, were my first non-family friends in Georgetown. They built my 2 sisters’ homes and are currently working with me to build my home. They’ve been so kind and welcoming to the whole family and have been extremely patient with me as I go back and forth with my floorplans!

This family portrait takes place on their land with their 3 sons and 2 new daughters-in-law, right where they are planning to build their own home. I think it’s so cool that they can display a print in their home that was taken in that exact same spot before the house was even built. We’ll have to do a “before and after comparison” for grins.

It was lots of fun goofing off with everybody, but the highlight of that day for me was at the end of the session. I pulled them aside, played a George Strait song, and asked them to dance with each other. The look they gave me was priceless, but they were game and it was a really sweet moment. I’ve seen them dance together before, and their love for each other really shines through, I knew that I needed to capture those looks.

I can’t wait to continue working with them, and building our friendship. Hopefully one day we’ll get some images of their future grandkids playing in those same trees.

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-1

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-2    Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-3

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-4Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-5

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-9    Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-6

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-7 Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-8  Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-11Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-10b Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-12

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-49    Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-13

Rory Photography_Adams Family 2015-14

Linda’s Grandsons

Rory Photography_Mini Session_Blog Post_1 Rory Photography_Mini Session_Blog Post_2

Rory Photography_Mini Session_Blog Post_3Rory Photography_Mini Session_Blog Post_4

What started off as a typical wild mini session, turned out to be the start of a beautiful friendship. Linda is my sister’s minister and good friend. She’d been waiting for her youngest grandson to turn two to have the four brothers’ portraits made, and I was privileged enough to be the photographer!

These boys displayed such compassion and love for each other! When they first arrived, Nico, the youngest, was nervous about being photographed (the first time that’s ever happened ;)). The older three were so sweet and patient with him. The comfort they gave him really warmed my heart – there’s nothing like a sibling’s love. Also, a special shout out to Erin, my assistant on the shoot, who “beat me up” with a stuffed bear, causing some of these great laughs.

What topped the kindness that these boys had for each other, was the kindness I experienced at their grandparents’ house. Linda, Angela (one of Linda’s daughters), and I talked for hours. The time flew away! There was a spiritual connection between us, and I’m not just using that word because she is a minister. I know that this has started a long lasting friendship, and I can’t wait to see it grow.

I love my job and all the beautiful places that it takes me!  Thanks Linda and family!

First Post on New Blog!

Welcome to Rory Photography’s new blog and thank you for stopping by! My name is Rory and I am the owner and head photographer here at Rory Photography.

I just moved to Georgetown, Texas from San Francisco, California and I couldn’t be more excited! I started my business out there in the big city and had a blast doing it, but after a decade in San Francisco (don’t let this baby face fool you), I have decided to build a quieter, more family oriented life here in Georgetown.

With our new location, comes this brand new blog! Feel free to follow us, like us on Facebook, get in touch about any of your photography needs, or just say hi!

I look forward to getting to know you Georgetown residents (and the surrounding areas)!

And now, a small sample of past work:

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-1 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-2 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-2B copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-3 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-4 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-5 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-6 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-8 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-9 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-9B copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-10 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-11 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-12 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-13 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-14 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-18 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-20 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-22 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-23 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-24 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-25 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-28 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-36 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-37 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-38 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-39 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-40 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-41 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-42B copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-46 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-47 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Family Portraits Photography-70 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-1 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-2 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-3 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-4 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-5 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-6 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-7 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-8 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-10 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-12 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-14 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-22 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-23 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-24 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-26 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-31 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-35 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-36 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-37 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-38 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-39 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-43 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-48 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-63 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-64 copy

Rory Photography_Website_Wedding Photography-68 copy